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Today I want to talk about one of my favourite places to eat at, Snowy Village! I’m sure most of you have heard of Snowy Village, even if you have no idea what it is. Snowy Village is a popular chain of dessert places here in the lower mainland area with three locations – one in Richmond, one in Robson and one in Coquitlam – they serve bingsoo, taiyaki and an assortment of drinks. The portions are huge so make sure you bring a friend or two if you want to try anything out!

So what is bingsoo? According to the website:

“BINGSOO is also called “Patbingsu” or “bingsu” and is a Korean shaved ice dessert. Unlike traditional style shaved ice which uses water as its main ingredients. Snowy Village Canada uses 100% Canadian milk which gets frozen and shaved to make the bingsoo look like snow.”

Because they use milk ice to make the ice, it’s ten times more delicious than traditional shaved ice would be. As well, the taiyaki (baked fish cake) is really yummy if you want something warm, or just want to try something else. They use croissant bread as the outer filling which makes it very crispy and chewy, giving it a nice crunch! I really recommend the injeolmi taiyaki!

No time to eat in? Want to take your order somewhere? Snowy Village does take out which is very convenient, and they offer the takeout in these reusable temperature-conserving bags. They zip up, so they’re super convenient and reusable and eco-friendly!!!

Anyways, enough about the takeout bags (can you tell I adore them?). Not sure what to get? Here are my top five flavours to try if you ever want to go!

#5: Strawberry

Strawberry Bingsoo is very standard, exactly what you would expect it to taste like. The sweet tanginess of the strawberry goes really well with the muted flavour of the milky ice. Strawberry bingsoo is a very safe choice if you’re not into trying anything new or unique because it tastes exactly as you would expect fresh strawberries with shaved milk ice and whipped cream to taste like. (Really really good!)

#4: Cheesecake

If I had to date a piece of dessert, Snowy Village’s Cheesecake Bingsoo would be my girlfriend. The cheesecake they use in this particular dessert is a sort of very light and airy cake which is not too sweet or dense. It has a nut topping and whipped cream, as well as hints of condensed milk all over the shaved ice which makes the whole thing super wonderful to eat! If you have a sweet tooth like me and like super sweet things I would recommend this one.

#3. Mango

Mango Bingsoo is the ultimate classic. It gets sold out very easily because it’s so popular, I mean, who doesn’t like mango? Mango is a god tier fruit that everyone loves, which is why I had to give it at least #3 on this list. Because of my extreme sweet tooth I only placed this at number three, but objectively I’m sure many people would think that this is the best flavour because mango is that powerful. It’s a very refreshing, light sweetness which tastes really good with the snow ice – not overly sweet because of all the fresh fruit.

#2. Oreo

This is totally my sweet tooth talking but Oreo Bingsoo is my second girlfriend. If you dislike extremely sweet things I would recommend staying away from this flavour, however, this is perfect for a sweetaholic like me. There are crushed oreo crumbs all over this dessert, which is perfect when mixed with the snow ice because it adds the perfect amount of sweetness. The shaved ice by itself does have a subtle sweet flavour, but it’s not sweet enough to me alone. (I’m sure a lot of older people or people with more refined tastes would think it’s fine though.) The oreos ensure the whole thing is perfectly sweet, the whole way through.

#1. Injeolmi

Injeolmi is Korean rice cake made out of glutinous rice flour, very similar (actually the same!) in texture and consistency to mochi or any Chinese sticky rice cake. Injeolmi Bingsoo has an assortment of red beans, rice cake, and Injeolmi powder as a topping and it is so good. The powder can be dry and get stuck to the roof of your mouth and according to my friend, injeolmi powder is a choking hazard so just be careful about that! Of course, if you’re not adventurous or just not in the mood to try something new, I would suggest just getting mango or a fruity flavour, but Injeolmi Bingsoo is amazing and definitely my favourite flavour! She is my queen and every other flavour is my princess. I love the chewiness of the rice cake so much. If I said Oreo and Cheesecake Bingsoo were my girlfriends, Injeolmi Bingsoo is my lawfully wedded wife.

Honestly, pretty much every flavour at Snowy Village you can’t go wrong with but if you want anything else you can check out the menu on their website! If you do go and try these flavours let me know which ones you liked best. Thank you for reading!


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