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To be honest, when making this blog and executing design decisions, I wasn’t really making it with an audience in mind. I was making it based around the things that I liked, and how I was feeling. When phrased that way, I suppose the audience I have been imagining thus far would be people similar me, older teens and young adults who want to have a casual read of various topics.

I wanted my blog to be reader-friendly to virtually any audience in case there were people who happened to stumble upon my blog by accident, but since I write about my interests and opinions that I happen to have, I suppose a lot of my jokes and references would be better understood by people more similar to me.

Because I wanted my blog to be reader-friendly to everyone, I made sure all my grammar and proper English were present in my posts. Normally when I talk to my friends through text or on the internet,

i kinda talk like this with like zero punctuation a nd a ton of typos i dont bother fixing,,, also i abbreviate a ton of words like u and ur and i use a ton of exclamation marks and keysmashes laskdjfklasjdfkljadsklf

But I know that doesn’t look good to everyone – and in some cases, some people can’t understand that sort of texting slang (it’s very Generation Z of me) and I wanted any reader, (not just teens my age who spend a lot of time on the internet) who would happen to open my blog be able to read my posts and understand them. There’s a lot of contextual things in the way younger people who communicate digitally type, and they can be hard to grasp – even someone my age who doesn’t spend as much time communicating digitally might not get these clues. (For example, the ‘:)’ emoji can be very passive aggressive depending on the context and keysmashing ‘ASLKDFJKALSDF’ shows amusement.) Although it feels weird for me to try to communicate digitally in ‘my own voice’ with proper grammar, it’s for the overall good and readability of my blog!

Although my blog is readable by everyone, the topics I do talk about might not interest all. Using this logic, I think my intended audience is probably other teens my age.

For my design decisions, I just wanted this blog to be aesthetically pleasing to my eye. I admit, my decisions were totally self-fueled – I just wanted my blog to be readable and I wanted it to look nice (I guess I should start basing my design decisions around an imagined audience). I like to think I have a good eye for design, so I just moved things around on my blog theme the way I liked it. I made headers to add more colour and life to my blog. As well, I took out any unnecessary sidebars or header text I felt didn’t fit and made my blog too cluttered. My intended audience had zero impact on how I designed my blog, I assumed if I thought it looked nice it would be an ok theme.

I don’t quite like how my headers look though so I may change them all in the future.


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